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Bible Black Vol. 3 "Origins"

This prequel to BIBLE BLACK tells the story of the origins of the Magic Club, which began when Miss Takashiro found the Black Book. Realizing its power, Miss Takashiro founded the club and became its leader and, along with the future school nurse, Miss Kitami, set in motion a series of events startlingly similar to those that took place on campus years later, when a new generation were initiated. Please note that mature content makes this inappropriate for children.

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Faye, the beautiful and innocent daughter of a wealthy land owner, made friends with her maid Sophia and her friend John. But when she was sent to a school she left John in the care of Sophia, now she's finally back, and it seems to be the end of her innocent days.
Kao no nai Tsuki 1
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Suzuna is training hard to become a priestess, and is brought to the home of her future husband by Tomome, his faithful servant. She finds the mansion under a strange spell, releasing the sexual desires of everyone inside!
Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl Vol.1 "Role Reversal"
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On a warm, cloudy afternoon, Tomari bursts in on
two girls from her class, Hazumu and Yasuna,
sharing a tender first kiss. Her heart breaks...
from jealousy. Hazumu was born a boy, but he
certainly doesn't act it. He's sensitive, delicate, and
loves gardening. Lucky for him, he grew up with
the tomboy Tomari, who was always there to
protect him. Despite her own feelings, she pushes
Hazumu to confess his love to the elegant Yasuna.
After Yasuna rejects him, he retreats into the
mountains in despair.
Itazura The Animation
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Katsuhiko takes perversion to the next level, gracefully
putting the moves on women in places as public as the
subway. Whether he just wants to cop a feel or go further,
Katsuhiko is always at the top of his game. But when he
sets his sights on a minor celebrity, will another player
get in his way?

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